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Constantino Louis Amistadi, None

conflict:World War II
rank:Machinist's Mate
serial number:19290543
location:Italy; Africa; France; Sicily.
enlistment date:June 22, 1942
place enlisted:
discharge date:Nov. 17, 1947
place discharged:
decorations: Good Conduct Medal (U. S. Armed Forces)
Purple Heart (1932-)
history:Suffered wounds at Anzio Beachhead; Died in England during the Korean conflict. Enlisted in the Air Force May 20, 1948 and was discharged June 8, 1951, during which time he served as Technical Sergeant at the 7558th Air Base Squadron Depot. Re-enlisted June 9, 1951 and died in service may 11, 1952.
service documents:
references:(1) Hometown Heroes: The St. Louis County World War Two Project (2004?), p. 18; (2) Chisholm War History Committee Records. Iron Range Research Center, Chisholm, Minnesota.

Personal Information

date of birth:July 28, 1923
birth place:Chisholm, MN
home town:Chisholm, MN
date of death:May 11, 1952
father:Amistadi, Louis
school:Chisholm High School

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