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Donald Henry Grinden, None

conflict:World War II
serial number:17001741
location:Battery F, 59th Coast Artillery at Fort Mills on Corregidor Island.
enlistment date:Oct. 10, 1940
place enlisted:
discharge date:None
place discharged:
history:Captured in the fall of the Philippines in April 1942. Was killed in the sinking of the Arisan Maru on October 10, 1944.
service documents:
references:Chisholm War History Committee Records. Iron Range Research Center, Chisholm, Minnesota.

Personal Information

date of birth:Dec. 21, 1920
birth place:Duluth, MN
home town:
date of death:Oct. 24, 1944
father:O. L. Grinden
school:Chisholm High School

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